Jio AirFibre: High-speed internet without wires

Jio AirFibre is an internet service that gives speed like fiber internet in the air, it is a wireless broadband service, for this you do not need any wire.

Benefits of using Jio AirFibre

The benefits of Jio AirFibre are many, in which the main one is that you do not need any wire, so you get this service quickly.

Ultra-fast speeds internet 

Jio AirFibre's internet speed can be up to 1 GBPS, which is faster than the earlier broadband service

Reliable connectivity

Jio AirFibre uses fiber optic network, so its connectivity is always available

Easy to install

Jio AirFibre is very easy to install, it is not complicated like the previous broadband, it can be used by plugging it in.


Jio AirFibre is going to be available at a very cheap price, which anyone can buy because it is going to be cheaper than the earlier broadband.

Plans and pricing

There will be many plans in Jio AirFibre, in which there will be speed plans from 300 MBPS to 1 GBPS, and there will be other plans for OTT as well.

Jio AirFibre Features

Jio AirFibre uses True 5G technology which gets more speed and Unlimited data is also available.

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