One Nation One Election: Pros and Cons

One Nation One Election is a proposal to hold simultaneous elections for Lok Sabha and all State Assemblies, parties including BJP are in support of it, while the opposition is against it.

One nation one election money share

Holding simultaneous elections saves money on election expenses, such as printing ballots and hiring polling staff, and other costs.

Election fatigue is reduced

Voters will not have to go to vote again and again, one nation one election reduces election fatigue

promotes national unity

One nation one election by having a common focus on the electorate and making it easier for national parties to campaign across the country and help in promoting national integration

reduces corruption

One Nation One Election makes it more difficult for politicians to use government money for campaigning

difficult to implement

Implementing One Nation One Election can be difficult due to different election cycles for all states

There may be injustice to smaller parties

The small parties that are there in one nation one election do not have the resources to campaign in the whole country.

weakens federalism

one nation one election can weaken federalism by giving too much power to the central government

One nation one election is good for the country because simultaneous elections can avoid wastage of money and time.

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